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In December 2015, the Central Area became Seattle's second official Arts & Cultural District.

The Historic Central Area Arts & Cultural District is located in Seattle's historically Black neighborhood; a geographic area that was originally redlined, relegating African American residency to this part of the City.  We are a collective of Arts & Culture organizations, individual artists, and community members. 

The Central Area is a center of Seattle's Black heritage and history, and the neighborhood has changed due to gentrification. It is our goal to ensure that the Central District remains the hub of Black Arts and Culture. 


HCAACD_2_AFRICATOWN_State of the Union P

It is our intent to claim our history as a former redlined district in pursuit of maintaining, sustaining and uplifting Black Arts & Culture in Seattle. 


We recognize that the work that we are challenged to do, did not start with us and will continue beyond us.

We believe that as a community we can work together in honoring our pillars. 

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